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Men's health

Why men's health?

Statistically, men fall ill and die earlier than women for a variety of reasons. Men's health is understood to mean the physical, mental and social health of men in every age phase.

However, men's health is not only about individual aspects, but also about social aspects. 

The goal should be an increasing responsibility of men for their own health. We would like to accompany men of all age groups holistically and show them ways to improve their living conditions through preventive care and measures.

Urological problems and diseases in men are an important aspect of men's health.

Important to know

The so-called "potency pill" is not always the first and only solution!

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), erectile dysfunction exists when:

"man" does not achieve a satisfactory erection for sexual intercourse over a period of more than 6 months in more than 2/3 of the cases.

In our view, the problem of erectile dysfunction should be considered holistically, clarified and treated individually.

The penis is often not the only problem!

Erectile dysfunction can be an "early warning system" for a possibly imminent cardio-vascular event.

The penis is therefore also referred to as the antenna of the heart.

Therefore, it is our concern to find out the mostly different causes of the problem in a detailed discussion with subsequent individual examination and adapted clarifications, instead of starting directly with a "potency pill".

The following diseases are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction:
- High and/or poorly controlled blood pressure
- Obesity
- Smoking for many years
- Elevated blood fats (including elevated cholesterol)

Often these diseases do not occur alone, but in combination. This is called "metabolic syndrome".

In our society, the above-mentioned diseases are widespread and often lead to the well-known serious consequences such as heart attacks or strokes.

For these reasons, it is important to us that we can offer holistic treatment for patients with these diseases. 

In these cases, it is very important for us to work closely with the general practitioners in charge of the patients, for example, in order to achieve optimal blood pressure or blood sugar therapy and/or weight reduction.

We work closely with specialists in the immediate vicinity, whereby, for example, individually adapted medical training therapy is used to achieve controlled weight reduction.

We can also support you as a patient with the help of nutrition specialists to optimise your diet according to your needs. 


It has been proven that it makes no sense to prescribe you a sexual enhancer and ignore your health risk factors.

This will not improve your potency problem or your general health in the long term.

It is therefore up to you to take the appropriate measures to positively influence your potency and your health.