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For patients

UroWest - Das Team

Patient form

Here you can download and fill out our registration form.
To save you waiting time, we kindly ask you to send it to us electronically before your appointment or to bring it filled out to the consultation.

We recommend that our patients come to us ideally with a full bladder in order to be able to carry out all urine diagnostics promptly.


In our quiet, bright, spacious premises on the 6th floor of the com.west building, you are welcome to take a seat in our waiting room with a "view" after registering, arrive and enjoy a drink (coffee, tea or water) with pleasure.

What we offer

Basic urological examinations (m/f/d) from the age of 16:

  • Kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, prostate, testicles, penis, blood and urine examinations.

Outpatient procedures and operations in the practice:

  • Underbirths (vasectomies).
  • Minor surgical interventions
  • Permanent catheter and abdominal wall catheter insertion and replacement
  • Urinary bladder incontinence

Preventive and special consultations:

  • Men's health / boys' health
  • Healthy ageing (better ageing)
  • Incontinence in women and men
  • Urinary bladder infections (acute or recurrent)
  • Vasectomies in the case of completed family planning
  • Urological examinations in cases of unfulfilled desire to have children (family planning)
  • Vaccinations (HPV)
  • STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) clarifications

Urological diagnostics:

  • Ultrasound (kidneys, bladder, prostate, external genitals)
  • Urinary bladder and urethra examination (cystoscopy)
  • Urine flow measurement (uroflowmetry) and residual urine determination
  • Prostate biopsies

Inpatient and outpatient surgeries:


If you are unable to keep the appointment, please inform us as early as possible - but no later than 24 hours in advance - so that we do not have to charge you for the appointment.